1 Hour Direct Payday Loan Review

I was just finishing up my review of the payday lender 1 Hour Direct and noticed something really unnecessary on their website: http:\\\/\\\/www.1hourdirect.com. \\n\n

As you start your loan application they have this stopwatch that starts counting down from 10 minutes. Here’s what it looks like…\\n\n

1 Hour Direct Stopwatch\\n\n

As you get going with the application (which should only take you 7 minutes), you can check back up and see how much time you have left…\\n\n

1 Hour Direct Stopwatch Countdown\\n\n

You get the feeling like you really need to hurry things along or else you’re going to lose the opportunity to get $1000 delivered to your bank account in the next hour. Well, let me put your fears at ease…that stopwatch is just to encourage you to complete your loan application sooner rather than later. How do I know? Because I accidentally ran out of time myself…\\n\n

1 Hour Direct Stopwatch Out of Time\\n\n

I clicked “OK” for more time and was magically given an extra 10 minutes to complete my application. YEAH!!! But this got me thinking…what happens if I click “CANCEL” the next time I run out of time? So, I let the clock run down again, clicked the cancel button and was instantly given a new message with no countdown…\\n\n

1 Hour Direct No Stopwatch\\n\n

So, the lesson here is to not worry about those unnecessary stopwatches you may find on payday loan sites like 1 Hour Direct. They may be there to help you along with your application, but as far as I’m concerned, they are totally unnecessary.\\n”download movie Sherlock: The Final Problem 2017\n”Sleepless movie

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